I am like a witch doctor when it comes to menstrual cramps. I have tried it ALL and I have found a few things that truly work for me. I started my period at sixteen and my cramps went from mild to incapacitating in the course of about five years. I'm thirty one now and am on the pill so I don't suffer from cramps… » 8/09/14 8:47pm 8/09/14 8:47pm

I'm a very prayerful person and I had been feeling weird about my now ex for a few months so I just prayed for some insight and direction as to what was going on with him. He compartmentalized every relationship in his life anyway so it was kinda strange anyway. He had family that he wouldn't take me around and… » 8/01/14 6:49pm 8/01/14 6:49pm

I saw a little girl in the grocery store have a 20 minute meltdown last week. At one point she had worn herself out from crying so much that her throat was dry and she started coughing just like this little girl. And she just kept right on crying and choking. I was disgusted because I was right behind her and she had… » 7/30/14 10:08am 7/30/14 10:08am

My sixteen year old niece is almost five months pregnant. My Mom, my nieces mother and I have been keeping it a secret from my big sister because she is the biggest drama queen to never win an academy award and she is also a big mouth. I knew that the moment she found out she would pitch a fit and post it on facebook.… » 7/27/14 8:44pm 7/27/14 8:44pm

Reading so many hundreds of comments about people hoping that they are going to break up is really making my stomach turn. This is GOSSIP and almost all of you are treating it like it's fact. To me, they seem like a very normal and happy couple. Good for them. And I truly feel that any story about Beyonce is going to… » 7/22/14 8:34pm 7/22/14 8:34pm

I thought that this post was gonna be lamenting the smell of organic stores. I might have to take a stroll through whole foods. From what I remember it was a pleasant smell. Just smells like fresh essential oils. I usually go to MOM's organic and I swear it smells like someone took a hippies jacket from the sixties,… » 7/19/14 6:06pm 7/19/14 6:06pm

This kind of stuff just turns your stomach and makes you never want to eat out again. My sister found a cricket in her cheeseburger once and my friend and I went out to Friday's once and were eating some loaded nacho's nonsense when she couldn't break through the chip she was eating. Turns out that it was a deep… » 7/18/14 12:39pm 7/18/14 12:39pm